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about marigolds

A tagete by any other name would smell as sweet.

Marigold (english)

Cempasúchitl (spanish)

Cempoaxochitl (aztec)

Souci (french)

Studentenblume (german)

Sthulapushpa (sanskrit)

Genda (hindi)

ดอกดาวเรือง (thai)

Sayapatri (nepali)

Flor de Muertos (spanish)


There is so much to say and read and learn about the marigold. It was born from an Aztec story of two soulmates finding new life together after war and death separate them. The sun god transfigured them into a marigold and a hummingbird and they are able to be reunited because of the flower's brilliance and aroma.

From it's start in Mesoamerica, the seeds of petalled sunshine traveled to Europe, Asia, and Africa to become beautifully interwoven with so many different cultures and celebrations and ceremonies. It has medicinal and energetic properties which warm and move in the body. It is often used as a kind of threshold flower, and does indeed encourage engagement and movement in all it's uses, whether calling to the afterlife, or becoming a spouse, or processing and progressing through life's lessons, or simply discouraging bugs from pestering. I could wax poetical all day about this flower's ability to foster its followers into action, into delight in the sun, and inspire joy and celebration. It is the flower for people who take joy very seriously.

Please drop a line and share how the marigold found you!  

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